2025 Moved to Florida but still come back to KC to do photo sessions and photography that our customers want in Kansas City Area.

2022 Update-we will just skip over 2020 through 2022 LOL

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2013 Update- Time seems to be flying by the older I get. LOL  I cherish the pictures I have of my kids and grand kids more and more every day and cherish material possessions less and less everyday.

2012 Update-I’ve noticed the information at the bottom of this page is a little out dated so I’ll try to update and simplify.  

2012-Portraits of your family become more valuable over time especially if someone moves away or passes on. You can hire a professional photographer (me) to capture the heart and soul of your family/senior, or you can hire some newby to hack something together for you.  Up to you.

This fire news story shows the value of photographs. http://www.ksla.com/story/16944448/apartment-fire-victims-cherish-items-found-in-rubble

Some people think professional Senior Portraits are too much money, so we thought we would compare portraits to some other purchases.

Let’s say you spend $500 on your kid’s Senior Portraits. You get a portrait of your investment (senior) to hang on the wall in your house. The grandparents get portraits to hang in their house.  Other relatives also get portraits to enjoy from your $500 investment.  Your child gets a self-esteem boost from an awesome portrait after years of not so flattering school pictures.  Let’s say they give them out to 25 of their friends, so that’s maybe 20 to 40 people that are now enjoying your $500 investment.  Now how long do you get to enjoy these? A week? A month? A year?  How about for generations to come. Your kids’ kids will look at them and enjoy them. (okay they will laugh and say “you really looked and dressed like that”) Unless there is a fire that destroys all of your pictures. However what do firefighters rescue after all living things are out of the house? Right, the photographs. They don’t go in after your new $2,000 entertainment center, your new $2,000 computer system,  your kids clothes, the stove, or even your favorite recliner with built in remote control holder.  So let’s compare with a few other investments.
1. A new Mustang or other new car for a graduation present.  Value-Usually loses $3,000 to $6,000 within the first mile.
2. $1500 computer. Value-Mine usually lasts about 2 years before it is outdated and too slow for the new bigger programs. Resale value for outdated computers. -Ha Ha
3. $1500 Spring break trip-Fun lasts about a week or so.
4. Prom or formal dress-$50-$500. Can only wear it once to your own school function.
5. A family trip to a restaurant $50 plus. Lasts about 6 hours.
6. $75 pair of shoes?  Make up and accessories-never ends?. I have 3 daughters and my bathroom looks like a cosmetic aisle at the mall. How about $15 cds that get listened to a few times and put in the stack with the rest of them?

The bottom line. Professional Senior Portraits are a good value for your hard earned money.  Many times a persons Senior Portrait is the last individual  professional portrait they have taken, they have wedding and family portraits done but not another individual portrait.  And unfortunately after photographing thousands of high school seniors over the last 27 years I’ve had a few that didn’t make it to college due to accidents or illness.  To these moms no amount of money will ever replace one of our senior portraits.
Value of Professional Photographs
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