$10 Senior Portrait Guarantee

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$10  Senior Portrait Guarantee...
After we take your Senior Portraits, if you don’t like any of them and don’t want to order/purchase any of them, you pay nothing and we’ll give you an extra $10 for wasting your time. No refunds after the digital files are sent you to download.

To qualify for the $10 Senior Portrait Guarantee.
You must be prepared for your photo session and you must want our style of photography.

Being Prepared- Pretty simple, bring the proper clothing and accessories, have your hair styled the way you want it, be well rested.
NOT being prepared- Bringing outfits that don’t follow our clothing suggestions, ask if not sure.  If  Mom really wants a portrait to give to Grandma and you wear a dirty t-shirt with your favorite band on the front, that’s not being prepared.  It’s ok to bring t-shirts and your favorite outfits but make sure that you bring outfits that Mom/Dad wants you to wear also.  If you stay out partying with your friends until 2:00 AM the night before your 9:30 session the next morning, then you are probably not prepared. If your hair is sticking up because you just got out of bed 30 minutes before your session you are not prepared.

Bring a Parent-If the parents are paying for your senior portraits then it’s important that we know what they want. If a parent is not coming for your session it’s important that seniors bring what they are supposed to bring.

Our style-There are lots of samples and info about our style of photography here on our web site.  We like to use proper posing and lighting to create a professional portrait, not Photoshop. We like to keep things simple, no sales sessions, no goal to make you cry(and buy), everything is on our web site.
Not our style-If you like over photoshopped photos or photos that your friends can’t recognize you then you need to go to a different photographer.  If you want downtown fountains and downtown buildings as the main subject for your senior portraits then that’s not our style.  If you like portraits where the Sun is blinding you in one eye and the other is in dark shadows, not our style. If you like portraits where the photographer follows you around a park snapping goofy pictures and you can’t see your eyes in your photos, we are not for you.
Guys not our style-If you want your senior son posed in weird poses or posed like a girl, we’re not your photographer.
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Not our style
Our style.