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Feel free to proofread this page or send me your tips for surviving in tough times.

Some be happy tips I’ve learned and used over the years. Being happy isn’t a destination, it’s something that needs fed everyday, especially if you’re a business owner/artist going it alone for most of your work day. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read some of my positive memes that I have on my phone. I also listen almost daily, with my 1 earbud, self talk tapes or other positive info be it business stuff or other.

1. Self Talk & affirmations. You talk to yourself all day, it’s important to think about, what you’re thinking about. To change your thinking you need to change what goes into your mind through the eyes/ears.  Shad Helmstetter has good books about self talk, I listen to his audio books.  https://amzn.to/2SpMpUK  . Denis Waitley has good stuff.  A new favorite to listen to is Overcoming procrastination. https://amzn.to/2YsaAFR  The self talk audio listens can be played in the background as you do other activities as your subconscious picks up the messages even when the volume is just barley hearable.

2. Laughter, is the best medicine. If you’re going to do one thing, learn about laughter. This website, it’s about bullying and teen help stuff has for sale 2 CDs that I purchased and listen when I need a happy boost, it’s a 1 hour track of people laughing, you can’t listen to it without at least cracking a smile. https://heyugly.org/laughtercising/   Again, you put laughter and funny stuff into your mind and that’s what you will get.  Funny videos are a good input. Comedy channels are sometimes good on satellite radio. In India the have laughter clubs, fun videos on dealing with life stuff on youtube. This Dr. has fun short clips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH8bnlrpZb4  Itunes has movie laughter track/songs also. You become who you hang around with, you can hang around with funny happy people using your phone.

 Doom and gloom news is the worst, so stay away from that stuff as much as possible, especially when you wake up or before you go to bed. Search for the good news or try to find the good in a situation. People became millionaires in the last depression.

3. Move, don’t sit down at your computer all the time, get one of those stand up desks so you can move around while working. Walk and stretch are good. Learning to breathe properly is a great skill to learn. Since I have Asthma unfortunately all the things in life that I could be bad at, I’m bad at breathing.

4. Spiritual stuff. Believe, that things will get better or that you will succeed in your challenges. The Magic of Believing is a good book. People are meant to be problem solvers. We are happy when we solve problems, ask for some big problems to solve. Let Jesus take the wheel…..But don’t Brake till you see God. (it’s a car racing saying) This means to try and put your problems in Gods hands instead of trying to go it alone, ask God (pray) for a little help, but you still have to keep working and do your part even though it might be scary, tough, and others might not approve of your journey in life. Ask and you shall receive.  (The letters in red are verses from the Bible.  I don’t remember exactly which verse number but you can look it up on your own.)  

Viktor Frankl Man’s search for meaning is an interesting book on tough times.

5. Memes, make your own. I’ve made thousands that I use. On your phone (Iphone) you can make them easily by copying a photo that inspires you and paste it to a Note. Then above the photo add a short sentence the screen capture the new meme. You can edit it photo borders if needed, then put your meme photos into their own album to look at during the day. Goal memes are always best to look at when you awake and right before you go to sleep.

Below is Some old stuff I posted on my web site from 2008 or so.

Be Nice– If there are people in your life that don’t approve of you, pick on you or talk smack about you, be nice to them because some day they might work for you or work in the building that has your name on it and you don’t want any of them to hold a grudge against you.  

Quick guide to Snapping out of a grumpy mood– Warning never do this in front of your parents because you don’t want them to know you can get into a good mood in a hurry. (they will use it against you)

1. Crank up some of your favorite tunes on the stereo.

2. Get up, (yes even though you don’t feel like it) now run or skip around the room while you are looking up at the ceiling.  (Don’t do this in your bedroom cuz you’ll trip on all your stuff)

3. Laugh while you are running around, yes even if you have to force yourself to, try to think of something funny like a jerk in your life spilling a drink down their front.

To get back to grumpiness just turn on some depressing music kind of low, slump back in the chair or bed, look down, think of something bad and then call a friend so they can dump all their problems and guilt trips on you. It helps to bring up all the stuff that teachers, preachers, parents and friends told you that you’ve done wrong.  (like they were perfect at your age)

Video Click Here– Is part of this look familiar in your life?

Heyugly.com                                   Joel Osteen

Hour of Power                            Self Esteem       

Comparison Room– Compare yourself to others to see how you measure up, not to the 1% of the people that are rock stars, the other 99%, like the kid in the burn ward, or the old person in the nursing home with nobody to visit them. Better yet don’t compare yourself to others, because you are you not them. You can do some stuff better than them and others can do some stuff better than you.  

Arcade-Go out to a fun place and just play for the day, talk one of your parents into going with you, just don’t tell them it’s because they have the money and will be paying for everything you want when they get there.  

Cookie jar-Keep a jar of little notes or accomplishments and pick one out when you need it.  Keep a journal of all your blessings and accomplishments.  Go back as far as you can remember and write down all the good things you’ve done for others no matter how small and all the good things others have done for you.  Now at the end of each day write down each little good thing that you did that day, you’ll be surprised just how successful of a person you really are when you start adding them all up.  

Imagination – Use it, even though you’ve been taught not to.  

Goals– Make some goals that only you can imagine achieving.  Don’t share them with others because if your goals don’t fit in to what that person wants you to be they will come up with a million reasons why you shouldn’t do that.   

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