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Warning, reader beware. I was a D student in English class and these are written in what one of my English Major employees referred to my writing skills as “Tim Language”.

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Tim’s Tiny Books are  E-books that are short and easy to read, most of them readable in under 10 minutes. Just the good stuff without all the irrelevant stories. No ghost writer or, serious proofreading or even perfect writing so if you’re an English Major, good luck. :)   

Books are $1 and paying is on the honor system. If you read one of the books and it was worth a $1 or more to you then send me a dollar or whatever it was worth to you.

Lots of the info is stuff I’ve learned along the way from reading and researching and listening to people. I started my photo journalism career back in 1976 and actually got a Journalism college scholarship, which I used to go to an automotive trade school, to get a job that would pay the bills.:)


I have a list of 20 more books to write and share, maybe after I get my Florida house near the beach I will be more motivated to finish them. :)

Mini Camper Van-Turn your mini van into a camper van in less than 15 minutes. Click here to read.

Big House to Vanlife-Read here or on Amazon. Our journey of downsizing from a big house to building our own van RV home. On amazon Click here to read in Kindle.

David Goggins former Navy Seal quotes, that I borrowed from the Internet. Click here to download or view.

Gary Vaynerchuk top 200 quotes. Click here to view

Grandma’s Caramel Pecan Cinnamon rolls. Read Here or on Amazon.Step by step how to make them. On Amazon Click here.

$200 Red Cake made from scratch. Read here

Bye-Bye DESTRUCTION OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT INDUSTRY- Read here. Probably one of my favorite books because it’s photography business related and an amazing Thesis that Fred Hinegardner let me use as part of the book. Also has some basic business common sense guidelines. It’s from 2013 so times have changed since then but must of what’s in this book still applies.

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